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Yahsons and Energy Power Limited is committed to continually improving performance and to providing products and services of appropriate quality to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and regulatory requirements.

The company is experienced at handling complete marine projects such as dry docking of vessels, repair and maintenance of marine equipment, overhauling of marine diesel engines, installation of machinery such as Air compressors, Purifiers, Pumps etc. and final plant commissioning.

The company also supply quality consumables and bunker spare parts.


Our mission is to provide work tools for professional service delivery and operational excellence that ensures our clients’ satisfaction and value for our shareholders.


To maintain a robust market share in the next four years and manage all areas of our businesses in a manner that builds value for the investment of all shareholders.


We aim to be at the forefront of the marine technical maintenance and management of marine vessels in western coast of Africa.

The company recognizes quality as a key corporate responsibility and the Directors and Senior Managers are committed to ensuring that at all levels within the organization, its operations and activities are managed to provide its customers with the best possible service.

To achieve this, both directors and managers are professionals and they work hand in hand to achieve the best result. The company also partner with other specialized company to render possible services if required.

The company will communicate, train and motivate all personnel whose work will assure the delivery of products and services. Procedures are in place to meet its obligations to its customers.

This policy commitment will be subjected to periodic review for continuing suitability.

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